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1 Month Mobile Nutrition Counseling

per month
Monthly mobile nutrition counseling via your phone. Upload pictures of your meals and health data directly to Nicole, then get feedback and support. Interpretation and review of graphs included. The most accountable, trusted, and supportive eating program.

Concierge LEAP MRT

MRT for 170 different foods and food chemicals.

• Express FedEx shipping of MRT blood draw to Oxford Biomedical Technologies

• MRT results and getting started guide

• Six consultations (30-60 min) to implement the various phases of your personal LEAP


• Tracking of symptoms and problem solving

• Unlimited e-mail support for questions, troubleshooting, and tips for 4-6 months.

• Shopping tour to get started on LEAP diet

• Menu planning, food preparation ideas, recipes for meals and snacks

• 1 follow-up brief phone call (10 min or less) per week in addition to consults optional

• Communication of progress to your physician (if requested)

Group Nutrition Coaching - Be A Butterfly

per month
Once purchased, you may redeem for meetings on the calendar every other Thursday at 4:30 pm Pacific/7:30 pm Eastern. New session begins Nov 1. Join anytime!
You will receive an email invite and getting started information guide from Nicole, Your Thyroid Dietitian.

Healthy Eating Thyroid Basics Workshop

-By purchasing here through Paypal, Nicole will manually add you to the workshop hosted on the "Practice Better" application. This may take a few hours to set you up after purchasing, and you will receive confirmation.

This workshop includes 1 audio file that runs about 1 hour, 45 minutes, and a 4-page pdf that reviews details of healthy eating. This workshop applies to most anyone with any type of thyroid condition as it reviews ways to improve nutrient status, and more. The workshop also includes a chat where you can chat with others who have enrolled and your Thyroid Dietitian. This workshop is not a substitute for nutritional counseling, nor is it a substitute for medical nutrition therapy. Please check with your doctor or personal healthcare provider before making any changes to your diet or supplementation regimen. This workshop does not treat any type of medical condition.

What is not covered in this workshop, but will be covered in future workshops: in-depth details about weight loss, root cause issues to thyroid conditions, and detailed supplementation information.

What is covered: Detailed information about all food groups as they relate to thyroid health, macronutrient information, and more! Examples are given for how to portion your plate andmore.

MRT Test Kit with Consultation

Food Sensitivity Mediator Release Testing testing 170 different foods and food chemicals plus 1 consultation post-test, and 1 pre-testing consultation (the most basic package).

Also includes test-kit, FedEx mailer, educational book, results, meal plan, sample recipe ideas, and more.

Pre-Pay New Patient Consult with Meal Plan

Can be redeemed for virtual session: includes custom meal plan, review of health and nutrition history, Q & A, dietitian recommendations on food brands/supplements, review of lab work as needed, and more!