1 Month Mobile Nutrition Counseling

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Monthly mobile nutrition counseling via your phone. Upload pictures of your meals and health data directly to Nicole, then get feedback and support. Interpretation and review of graphs included. The most accountable, trusted, and supportive eating program.

Concierge LEAP MRT

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MRT for 120 foods and 30 food chemicals

• Express FedEx shipping of MRT blood draw to Oxford Biomedical Technologies

• MRT results and getting started guide

• Six consultations (30-90 min) to implement the various phases of your personal LEAP


• Tracking of symptoms and problem solving

• Unlimited e-mail support for questions, troubleshooting, and tips for 4-6 months.

• Shopping tour to get started on LEAP diet

• Menu planning, food preparation ideas, recipes for meals and snacks

• 1 follow-up brief phone call (10 min or less) per week in addition to consults optional

• Communication of progress to your physician (if requested)

Custom Multi-Vitamin Session

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Phone consultation to review your current supplementation routine and plan. The session includes 1 vitamin, mineral, or supplement of your choice mailed to you!

E-Mail Support

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1 Month

IgE Food Allergy Test

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IgE Food Antibody Test. This is a test to determine immediate-onset food allergies (this is NOT for delayed type food sensitivities). Tests 19 of the most common foods Includes one phone consult to review results.

Initial Phone Consult

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Menu Planning on Pepperplate

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Menu and meal guidance and accountability from your Registered Dietitian on Pepperplate. Also includes on-going e-mail support while on the program!

Micronutrient Testing

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Includes micronutrient testing of 35 items, includes the blood draw fee, test kit with mailer, and includes one, 60-minute consultation post-test to review your results.

MRT Test Kit with Consultation

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Food Sensitivity Mediator Release Testing plus 1 consultation post-test, 1- 15 minute follow-up, and 1 pre-testing consultation (the most basic package).

Also includes test-kit, FedEx mailer, educational book, results, meal plan, sample recipe ideas, and more.

MTHFR Testing

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Blood test to detect your genotype for the MTHFR enzyme. This will let us understand more about your B vitamin metabolism and total body methylation processes.

Paige Monthly Logging

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Pre-Pay New Patient Consult with Meal Plan

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Can be redeemed for virtual session: includes custom meal plan, review of health and nutrition history, Q & A, dietitian recommendations on food brands/supplements, review of lab work as needed, and more!